In Their Own Words

“Dennis Dunn’s book is a monumental tribute to hunting and its essential role in today’s world. The author begins and ends the work with a lucid discussion of that role and that necessity. And everywhere in between, he weaves that message with an expressiveness and style that even one who has never hunted can reach out to, grasp and hold. Buy a copy of BAREBOW! Put it on your coffee table, in your office, donate it to your local library or school, read it to your granddaughters, share it with your non-hunting friends. Help them understand.”

Bill Krenz
Former Editor, BOWHUNT AMERICA Magazine


Glassing for caribou in the barren lands of Western Alaska


“BAREBOW! is absolutely unbelievable in layout and content. The art work accompanying each chapter is world-class and fits very well with the stories of each hunt. At the back of the book there are 60 full-color photos taken from Dennis’ adventures that showcase the land, the wildlife, and the people he encountered on the way. This thing is an encyclopedia in a single book! It is written very well, and every chapter has the non-hunting reader as well as us seasoned hunters in mind. The focus is purely on the hunt, the animals, the non-game wildlife, the adventure and the spirit of man. There are NO hero photos of Dennis with any of his game. This is a book for all bowhunters. I have talked to some folks who are concerned about the price, but I will tell you that BAREBOW! is 6 or 7 books in one! It is the BEST-valued hunting book out there, in my opinion. This deluxe, coffee-table book will be the focus of any visitor to your home, and it goes a long way in presenting our case as hunters to those who don’t know what truly is in our hearts. The effort that went into writing and publishing this book is proportionate to the effort the author applied to his hunting lifestyle. You won’t be able to read it in a day, but that is the beauty of this resource. A masterpiece on all fronts!”

Mike Mitten
Author of ONE WITH THE WILDERNESS: Passions of a Solo Bowhunter


“An instant classic – a book for the ages!”

Dave King
Former Editor of Christensen’s Hunting Illustrated Magazine 


“In my business I’ve had the opportunity to review dozens of hunting books a year — for more than a decade. There has never been a book like BAREBOW!, and probably no one will ever duplicate it. I cherish my copy. It is a breathing piece of hunting history, and by that I mean it transcends our perception of both present and past. In other words, it is so extraordinary in the present, we need not wait for time to establish it as part of history.”

Jim Slinsky
Host of nationally-syndicated Outdoor Talk Radio


“Great hunter, great book! Dennis Dunn has, by 40 years of hunting accomplishments, and now by written accomplishment, set an example for all hunters. In BAREBOW! he teaches, inspires, and enthralls in equal measure. It takes desire and motivation to hunt the wild animals of North America. To hunt all of them takes even more of each, and then to hunt all of them with a bow and arrow, takes the most determined hunter of all. Dennis is such a man, and his book is the story of that quest. A “must-read” for any hunter who aspires to do great and near-impossible things.”

Jim Shockey
Author, Photographer, Wilderness Guide and Outfitter,
Host of Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures on The Outdoor Channel


“Dennis Dunn breaks new and fertile ground in this unique, beautifully illustrated book. If you hunt or even if you don’t you can sit back with your copy in hand and simply enjoy the experience. I guarantee you that BAREBOW! is a refreshing armchair adventure.”

M. R. James
BOWHUNTER Magazine Founder


goat on edge of space

Rocky Mountain Goat on the edge of space


“In sharing campfires and dinner tables with Dennis Dunn, I have learned that nobody has more hunting stories to tell, a greater mind for details, nor more enthusiasm for bowhunting, than Dennis. For him, every bowhunt becomes an adventure, and now his adventures can become yours through these pages. Don’t miss your spot at the campfire!”

Dwight Schuh
Former Editor of BOWHUNTER Magazine


“What Dennis has compiled in this book is a major literary achievement in outdoor literature. BAREBOW! is the epitome of that often used cliché “coffee table book”: it weighs in at a hefty nine pounds, with over 500 glossy pages, and measures 15.5″ by 10.3″. You NEED a coffee table to hold this tome as you read it! And what a read it is!”

T. J. Conrads
TRADITIONAL BOWHUNTER Magazine Founder/Publisher


“Dennis Dunn’s new book “BAREBOW!” is not just another book about our great sport; it’s an inside look from the body and soul of a bowhunter. Dennis’ Pope and Young barebow Super Slam (29) was not only a first, but his Grizzly became a world record. Yes, Dennis did it all under fair chase conditions and with proper respect to all game.”

Doug Walker
Bowhunters Hall of Famer, 1991


“An exceptional book – a must-read for any hunter, young or old. Dennis has set a new gold standard for hunting books that is worthy of top-shelf in any hunter’s library.”

Jack Smythe
Senior Member – Pope & Young Club


“BAREBOW! is truly a landmark achievement, and will become a classic.”

Craig Boddington
Past President, Weatherby Foundation, and Recipient of the 2009 Conklin Award


“I consider Dennis Dunn’s BAREBOW! to be the most remarkable hunting book ever published.”

Dr. Randall Eaton
Author, and Film Producer of The Sacred Hunt


Polar bear hunting

Scouting for Nanook


“A masterpiece in every way.”

Jim Zumbo
Outdoor Writer and Former Hunting Editor, Outdoor Life Magazine


“It was truly a pleasure to read Dennis Dunn’s book titled BAREBOW! about his adventures in taking the 29 North American Big Game animals with simple bows and arrows (no releases, no sights).  This book is extremely well written and serves as a bowhunting encyclopedia on North America.  The art work is fantastic!  His quotes are unique and pertinent, and his humor, such as encounters with “Mr. Murphy” on big-bear hunts, is skillfully intertwined in each story.  They captivate the reader’s imagination, and his natural history inserts on the distribution and characteristics of each species are extremely clear, informative, and helpful for anyone going afield after these game animals.  This book is very entertaining and I consider it a “must have” for any serious bowhunter. Accomplishing this personal goal was truly amazing, but then for Dennis to so eloquently describe the hunts is even more incredible!  As an organization, Professional Bowhunters Society is very proud to have Dennis amongst the ranks of our Regular and Life membership.  This book is simply Outstanding!”

Jim Akenson
President of PBS (Professional Bowhunters Society)


“Dennis Dunn has created the consummate, high-class coffee-table book, celebrating the Mystical Flight of the Arrow BloodBrotherhood.”

Ted Nugent
Rock Star and Bowhunting Enthusiast


“A gifted wordsmith and world-renowned bowhunter, Dunn will have you sitting on the edge of your chair, as if you were bowhunting right alongside him.”

Tom Nelson
Master Bowhunter and Host of The American Archer TV Show


“BAREBOW! is a work of art and a thing of beauty!”

Chris Klineburger
Hunting Pioneer to the Asian World


“For all hunters — firearm or bow — it is definitely a ‘must-read!'”

Robert E. Speegle, M.D.
1979 Weatherby Award Winner, and archery Super Slammer #12 (at age 81)


“A masterpiece from the heart!”

Jim and TinaMarie Schaafsma
Arrow Five Outfitters


“Believe me, you’ll want to read it twice!”

John J. Jackson, III
Chairman of Conservation Force, Past President of SCI


“BAREBOW! is what hunters dream and gracefully shows people who will never hunt WHY others do.”

Wayne van Zwoll


“Destined to become one of the most coveted hunting books of all time.”

Dr. J. Y. Jones
Outdoor Writer and Author, One Man – One Rifle – One Land


“Your labor of love is an answer to prayer. You possess a unique gift of being able to verbally paint such a vivid, realistic portrait of your unforgettable mountaintop experiences. Thank you for sharing your hunts and for rekindling precious memories of my own past adventures. I appreciate your reminding me through your writing of those truly life-defining experiences!”

Peeler G. Lacey
Regular Member – Pope & Young Club


There have been so few archers to take all of the huntable North American big game species, and Dennis has done all of us a great service by documenting so many of his hunts for these tremendous trophy animals. As for the art work featured in BAREBOW!, I consider the Lambsons to be two of the finest wildlife artists of all time. Thanks, Dennis, Hayden and Dallen, for dedicating so much of your time to producing this wonderful book.”

Dennis Campbell
Executive Director, Grand Slam Club/Ovis


“BAREBOW! is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! WOW! You pulled out all the stops for this one! It will be a classic to treasure for generations. Congratulations!”

King Cavalier II
Founder/President, King of the Mountain, Inc.



Self–timer photo of author on his solo backpack hunt for Stone Sheep


“Readers will experience the drama, suspense, humor and spirituality that define hunting and wilderness exploration in Dennis Dunn’s BAREBOW! — a perfect gift for family, friends and volunteers.”

Elizabeth M. Madison


“With passion, ethics and beauty, Dennis Dunn’s accounting of his extraordinary hunting feat will not only engage you, but it will instill in you a real sense of the magic of nature and the deep primal urge to hunt animals in a manner that affords them the greatest advantage, and challenges the hunter most. A thoroughly enjoyable book.”

James A. Swan, PH.D.
Author, In Defense of Hunting, Columnist, ESPN Outdoors.com


“Dennis — I just wanted to drop you a note and say what a fantastic read your book was! I felt you did a great job with the lay-out and all the information that you provided. Mostly, though, I really enjoyed your writing style: very descriptive but not above the average guy’s head. BAREBOW! will be on the “top shelf” of my library and one of my most prized books ever.”

Tim Donnelly
Pope & Young Club Member and Official Measurer


“Dunn’s quest for each animal is described in detail, in effect presenting an unfolding hunter’s autobiography. He writes well, and his words make it obvious that his senses embrace the ethos of the hunt mood, setting, spirituality, and the bittersweetness of that magical moment when an arrow flies on a true, telling path to its target. This is a book to be read and pondered by anyone who treasures fine writing, holds a deep appreciation for wild places and the animals that inhabit them, or who seeks a full under-standing of the special link between predator and prey that bowhunting provides.”

Dr. Jim Casada


“Through his epic journey of perseverance and ultimate accomplishment, Dennis has given us a profound view of the hunter-conservationist role we must all assume in order to preserve our wildlife and hunting heritage.”

Ricardo Longoria
Passionate Bowhunter and Conservationist


“The value to humanity of this book will grow the longer it is shared with friends and family. I suspect that in time it will be considered the premier classic in the world of bowhunting.”

Curtis Hermann
Western States Coordinator, National Bowhunter Education Foundation


“Mr. Dunn – My mail recently brought me your book, BAREBOW!, and I must say that for the past month I haven’t been able to put it down! Your stories are compelling, and the Lambsons’ art work is extraordinary. To me, each of Hayden’s and Dallen’s renderings is frameable. I think the most refreshing aspect of the work is your honesty in admitting when a mistake was made and an opportunity for a harvest lost because of it. You don’t see that in most of today’s outdoor writings. For my money, BAREBOW! is the finest book about bowhunting and archery I have ever read.”

Steve Gorr
Well-known bowhunter, film producer, and Pacific Northwest bowyer