Bow Hunting expert, Dennis Dunn, shares from 40 years as a Bow Hunter!

“A bow, a string, an arrow — no trigger, no peep-sights, no pins — just fingers, guts and instinct. That’s hunting BAREBOW!” — Dennis Dunn


BAREBOW! presents the sort of campfire tales hunters never tire of hearing or ever forget. Each is a demonstration of the power of perseverance, sacrifice, and sometimes bad luck or blind luck! How did Dennis Dunn ambush a world-record Grizzly Bear at 8 yards? Stay warm on a dogsled while hunting Polar Bear in Canada’s far north? Miss a massive 8×7 Roosevelt’s Elk from only 16 yards? How does he measure his accomplishments? Or cope with the disappointments of his unsuccessful hunts? Readers will be riveted in the moment, as Dunn recounts 104 tales of his bowhunting adventures and misadventures. [Read More]



AuthorDennisDunnMeet The Author, Dennis Dunn

On April 16th of 2005, Dennis Dunn’s Grizzly Bear was declared the new World Record by Pope & Young. Dunn has since gifted the life-size, standing mount to the Club, and it now resides in the Pope & Young Club/St. Charles Museum in Chatfield, Minnesota. Old Snaggletooth (aged by Alaska Fish & Game at 28 years) continues to “live” a warm, happy life under the able stewardship of Museum Curator, Glenn Hisey.

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Excerpts From BAREBOW!

A story titled — The Hacksaw Trick

We had progressed perhaps half-a-mile when I suddenly saw the bear approaching some 80 or 90 yards ahead. He was walking slowly along the very same path I was on. There was absolutely no cover anywhere near me, so, as I knelt down immediately in the middle of the trail, I looked at my guide and realized he couldn’t yet see the bear from his position on the bluff some 70 yards away (and maybe 25 yards forward of me). I looked back at the bear just in time to see him lift his nose in the air and pick up Eric’s scent. Click to read more!

BAREBOW! features the first-ever Artist Series of the North American Super Slam, painted by Idaho artist Hayden Lambson, with many additional black-and-white wildlife drawings by Dallen Lambson.


In Their Own Words

“Dennis Dunn does not just tell hunting stories! He shares his dreams, his victories, his disappointments, his wisdom, and he teaches from his knowledge and experience. BAREBOW! will not only acquaint you with the sweet taste of success and the bitter agony of defeat; it will convince you that well-regulated hunting sustains the use of wildlife and gives the animals increased value to justify their conservation and preservation.”

Archie J. Nesbitt, 
International bowhunter, winner of the 2008 OVIS Award 

“Barebow is not only an outstanding book for bowhunters, it is also a unique North American big-game reference book for gunhunters as well. Natural history, adventure, the spirit of the hunt and a wealth of hunting information between two covers. This book should be in every hunter’s library.”

J. Wayne Fears
Outdoor Journalist, friend and former hunting companion of Fred Bear

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